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A student study guide for 21st century Marxism.

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A number of articles attacking revisionist and reactionary economic theories. 

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Assorted polemical articles originally published elsewhere.


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associated with Unión Latinoamericana por la Democracia Participativa, whose documents can be found on the above site. 

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Reality is a collection of online communist polemical material. It aims to address the fundamental questions of how to reconstruct a credible communist politics in the current era. We devote particular attention to 

  • what a socialist economy should be like in the age of information technology

  • what political institutions can ensure that the masses control state power

  • the defence of the Marxian labour theory of value and exploitation as the kernel to the communist world outlook

Review of the book on ML-Today web journal

Response to the above review

Arguments For Socialism 

Link above is for free pdf version, Kindle version here

This e-book is made up of a collection of polemical articles written b over the period since the fall of ‘die Mauer’ and the crisis of the European socialist movement brought on in its wake. They record an attempt to argue through the theoretical challenges that this period has posed:

* Why did both Leninist communism and social democracy come to crisis?
* What were the economic weaknesses of both and what economic policy should a future socialist movement adopt to overcome these?
* How can the struggle for popular democracy be integrated into the goals of a new movement?

New book on a transitional programme for socialism in the EU

An extended polemic against market socialism, defending the idea of a planned socialist ec onomy based on the Marxian theory of value, published in several languages:

We welcome any offers to produce editions in other languages.

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Draft preface to Czech editions covers issues not dealt with in the original book such as the transition to socialism and the relationship between socialism and communism.